Cours d'anglais en Australie

Cours d’anglais à Melbourne : témoignage

Un de nos étudiants, Boros SOMME, a commencé des cours d’anglais en juillet 2012 dans une de nos écoles, Discover English, à Melbourne.
Voici le témoignage de son experience


I will recommend Discover English to all my friends !!

My experience at Discover English was very good. The teachers are very professional and well prepared. Teachers’ methodology covers all important skills, such as grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking. What I liked the most was the library session, I found it very useful to practise my listening and reading comprehension. Extra classes are also good, since you can choose the class you like and the one you need. Also, they are free, which is great… I have met people from all over the world. At Discover English you learn not just English, you get to know about others’ culture and beliefs

Melbourne is a very multicultural city, with friendly people.