I travelled from France to improve my English at an Australian school. I have been a part of Hutchins for seventy days and I think it is an extraordinary school.

Hutchins is set in a beautiful environment; it’s a pleasure every morning to admire the Derwent River and Mount Wellington as I walk to school from the boarding house. Hutchins has everything to help its students study well and contribute to developing their character and values. There are many modern buildings and high-tech facilities for studying that make learning fun and interactive.

The Hutchins community has been very friendly. There have always been people to help me, whether it be staff or students. I have discovered that schooling in Australia is considered very important and I have also come to know that friendship and teamwork play an important role in this.

At Hutchins, all of this is put together to create excellent schooling.

Martin Coisnon, France – 19 ans
Hutchins Senior International French Student